Media about Starmus

“ A meeting at which the most brilliant minds on the planet transmit their passion for knowledge… ”


“ Starmus Festival: Enough brains and Brians to fill the Universe…A festival that uses science and music to convey a passion for knowledge to the general public…”

The Guardian

“….a unique experience, a symbiosis between exclusive talks and once-in-a-lifetime concerts…”

The Times

“…Inspiring fusion of Science and Arts…”

El Pais

“…Out of this World Festival …”

The Sun

“…If you want to meet a real, live spaceman or woman though, there’s nowhere better than Starmus, a
glorious Glastonbury for nerds. It’s the Cosmic Con of the astronomy world…”

Daily Mail

“…The Worlds Most Exciting and Esoteric Festivals…”


“Tenerife’s astrotourism lure was bumped up in the last few years with the Starmus Festival, headlined by the likes of the late American astronaut Neil Armstrong and other stars of the space world. Garik Israelian, a Canarian astrophysicist, stood before 600 science aficionados from all over the world, with music from Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” blasting from speakers all around.The surreal spectacle of the geekfest in paradise reached a peak when more than a thousand people packed a hall for Dr. Hawking’s lecture, and Dr. Israelian produced a 1970s style rock ’n’ roll entrance. Dr. Hawking, eyes closed, was wheeled onstage to form the human centerpiece of a flashing light and sound show accompanied by a thundering rendition of “A Hole in the Sky,” by the doom metal band Atoma. Dr. Hawking later said he thoroughly enjoyed the Starmus festival. “It is a combination of science and rock music, both of which I love,” he wrote in an email. He said he hoped that he would be invited back – and he was. ”

The New York Times