Every edition of the festival is organised around a particular theme related to space exploration and includes talks, debates, panel discussions, exhibitions, concerts, film screenings and other activities. Starmus also offers a City Programme, a morning agenda of talks, presentations, workshops, screenings, etc. all around the city and available freely to general public.
Each festival is followed by the publication of a beautifully-designed book containing the lectures of al the speakers accompanied by excellent pictures. Every edition of the festival has granted the attendees a unique experience, each in its own way, a symbiosis between exclusive talks and once-in-a-lifetime concerts.

  • 2011 Founded in 2011, the first edition of Starmus was a tribute to Yuri Gagarin and hosted Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Alexei Leonov, Jim Lovell, Bill Anders, Brian May, Kip Thorne and other legendary figures of science, art and space exploration. more about starmus I
  • 2014 The second edition of Starmus, held in 2014, featured Stephen Hawking alongside several Nobel prize winners, Apollo, Soyuz and ESA astronauts and legendary artists. more about starmus II
  • 2016 The third edition of Starmus (2016) was a tribute to Stephen Hawking and hosted the first ceremony of the Stephen Hawking Medal award, a prestigious prize awarded to distinguished science communicators, such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, The Big Bang Theory, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jim Al-Khalili, Particle Fever and Hans Zimmer. more about starmus III
  • 2017 The fourth edition of Starmus, held in 2017 in Trondheim, featured 11 Nobel Prize winners and a number of world-class astronauts, as well as such artists as Steve Vai, Ane Brun, Trondheim Soloist, Nuno Bettancourt and The Pineapple Thief. more about starmus IV
  • 2019 The fifth edition of Starmus took place in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2019, under the title A Giant Leap.
    The Stephen Hawking Medal was awarded to Elon Musk, Buzz Aldrin, Brian Eno and the documentary Apollo 11, screened during the festival for the first time in Europe.more about starmus V


The sixth edition of Starmus is to be held in Yerevan, Armenia, in the autumn of 2021.