Q.: Pricing

A.: The tickets will cost several times less than on previous festivals. People who have attended all previous festivals get an 80% discount. Discount for having attended 4 previous festivals: 70%, 3 festivals: 50%, 2 festivals: 25%, 1 festival: 10%. Students, as always, get a 50% discount. The discounts are not accumulative, so, for example, if you are a student and have attended Starmus 4 times, you are better off using the 70% discount. Ticket sales will start December 1st.


Q.: Is Armenia safe?

A.: Armenia is a country with a low crime rate. You can safely move around the city, go to public places and use public transport, as the country has very low statistics on street crime, pickpocketing, and theft. It is also important to note that unlike many other countries, where late hours are considered unsafe, in Armenia you can safely walk even late at night. There is an interesting explanation of this phenomenon: Armenia is a small country, where 96% of the population are Armenians, that’s why any kind of crime is quickly determined, and the guilty are punished.

In 2015, the Gallup Law and Order Index revealed the countries in which people feel the safest to walk home alone at night. Armenia is placed 9th in the list. The index is a worldwide measure of people’s sense of personal security in
local areas, as well as their own experiences with law enforcement. The report is based on more than 142,000 interviews with adults in 141 countries in 2014.

However, despite these favorable indicators, minimal amounts of crime do exist in the country. Therefore, tourists are always advised to follow basic personal safety measures: not to leave their belongings or valuables unattended and follow all the necessary instructions while visiting museums, theatres, and other public places.

Armenians are peaceful and good-natured people. You can very rarely witness fights or drunken fracases on the streets. And, probably, it’s not a coincidence that there have never been sobering-up stations in the country.

The capital is also staffed by special police units, called “guardian angels.” They keep watch in the country, and you can appeal to them on any issue. In case of need, every one of them is carrying a first aid kit.


Q.: Do I need VISA for Armenia?

A.: Visa-free

Nationals of all European Union member states, plus Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Georgi a, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monac o, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, Russia, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan and the Vatican may enter Armenia visa-free for up to 180 days within one calendar year. Russian citizens may enter Armenia using an internal passport in lieu of a passport.

Nationals of Iran, Macau and Tajikistan may enter Armenia visa-free for up to 90 days within one calendar year.

Additionally, holders of Artsakh passports may enter Armenia visa-free.


Citizens of other countries not specified may obtain single-entry tourist visas at any border control point. 21/120 day tourist visas cost 3000/15000 dram. Alternatively, those eligible for a visa on arrival can arrange an e-Visa beforehand. They cost US$40 and are generally approved within two business days.

Q.: If I buy a ticket for myself and can’t attend, what do I do?

A.: You can cancel your ticket and get refund (please see Terms and Conditions for refund details).


Q.: Is this really true? Are all these people coming to give talks at Starmus?

A.: Actually, it is! All these Nobel Prize winners and legendary musicians, all these pioneers of space exploration and stars are actually giving talks, concerts and performances at Starmus, and you can attend all those events and more!

You can have a look at our social media channels and ask participants of previous festivals for authentic accounts of their Starmus experience.


Q.: Can two people share one ticket?

A.: No. each ticket is associated with one name and can be used by one person only.


Q.: I am under age. Can I attend Starmus?

A.: You are most welcome! You must be accompanied by an adult and if you are under 14, you can attend free of charge if your accompanying adult has acquired a general public ticket. If you are over 14, you can use the student discount.


Q.: Freedom of media, political parties and human issues in Armenia.

A.: Armenia has been ranked 61st in the 2020 World Press Freedom Index prepared by Reporters Without Borders. The statement reads as follows: “Media diversity has blossomed but the government that emerged from Armenia’s “velvet revolution” in the spring of 2018 has failed to reduce the media’s polarization. The editorial policies of the main TV channels coincide with the interests of their owners. Journalistic independence and transparent media ownership are still far from being achieved. There is concern about the volume of judicial proceedings against journalists and about excesses in the fight against fake news. The involvement of the security services in combatting disinformation, followed by arrests of social media users, and attempts to legislate without prior discussion with civil society and journalists are alarming. However, investigative journalism is flourishing online and is well placed to play a major role in a national offensive against corruption.”.


Q.: Human Rights in Armenia

A.: Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan swept to office in 2018 after popular protests, further consolidated his power following the December 2018 snap parliamentary elections, which international observers found genuinely competitive and in line with international standards.
Having secured a parliamentary majority, the government embarked on an ambitious reform agenda, including tackling corruption and reforming the economic and justice sectors.

The Human Rights Defender provides protection for the individuals where their human rights and freedoms have been violated by state or local authorities. At a wider level, the Human Rights Defender protects and promotes human rights and fundamental freedoms of all individuals (and legal entities) by observing the human rights situation in the country, dealing with individual complaints and engaging in the process of improving national regulatory framework in accordance with internationally recognized human rights standards.


Q.: Do we need to do any vaccination?

A.: There is no need to do any vaccination before traveling to Armenia.

Recommended Travel Vaccinations for Armenia
  1. Hepatitis A (spreads through food and water) – Recommended for
most travelers
  2. Hepatitis B (spreads through blood and body fluids) – Accelerated
schedule available
  3. Rabies (spreads through saliva of infected animals) – Vaccine recommended for long-term travelers and those who may come in contact with animals.