Reflections on Starmus

Diana Franco
A grateful friend and lucky starmus-goer,

Music and Stars. Patience and care. Sincerity and enthusiasm. Heart and resonance. These are the words that come to my mind when I think of Garik Israelian, the mind behind Starmus....

Kathryn Gray
A Life-Time Influenced by Starmus

Since I was a child, I’ve always loved the night sky, the ever-dark silk with diamonds twinkling up above the world so high.

Richard Hargrave

Starmus changed my life. It really did!

Glenn Smith

Only at Starmus can you experience this feeling of camaraderie and mutual awe between those who have touched space!

Chris Burrow

The best experience of my life.

Anders Alterskjaer

It was an unforgettable experience. Wonderfully organised, in a beautiful location - and you were star struck every time you passed through the atrium.

Kirsten Nijhoff

It has not only been a lifechanger... but memories for the rest of [my son’s] life.

Joerg Lanksweirt

No matter where next Starmus is. Please make people around the world more aware of it.

Jeannie Vega

It was such an inspiration to our city and its youth.

Carol A. Franklin

Looking forward to Starmus V wherever it is to be held.

Gayane Markosyan

It was a life changing event!! Extremely insightful and unique... The speeches by Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Brian May, Yuri Baturin, Aleksey Leonov changed my life... "Together we are better" is now my credo... The question asked by Brian May "What we should take with us to the space?" is always on my mind ... Thank you Garik Israelian and the Team for making Starmus happen!! Way to go!

Linda Lamon

Starmus II & III were very special to me - here I found so much inspiration […] It blew my mind and changed my life forever!! […] So many people that have attended Starmus have been inspired in a similar way. The event is such an important catalyst for creative & scientific minds to come together - to discuss ways to understand our earth and universe better and to drive forward new ideas…

Manuela Zambrano Sánchez

Fue mágico espero que vuelva pronto, hice muchos amigos allí que también lo esperan.(It was magical, I hope to be back soon, I made many friends there who can’t wait to get back too.)

Wil Cheung

I really enjoyed my first and only Starmus I’ve attended which was the 3rd one in Tenerife, the music concert really was a massive icing on the cake, Hans Zimmer and Sarah Brightman! Not forgetting Chris Hadfield of course and KT and the black holes.

Betina Bak Hansen

The place was fantastic, and I loved to see the observatories on Tenerife and La Palma. I liked the diversity of the speakers as well.

Raúl Socas Ramírez

Para mi fue mágica la tercera edición en la isla de Tenerife. Inolvidable! Nunca tantas horas de ponencias se me habían pasado tan rápido. El final del festival con el solo de Brian May sobre la canción Time de Hans Zimmer ha sido el momento de mi vida en el que más quieto he estado (creo que hasta dejé de respirar).(“The third edition in Tenerife was magical for me. Unforgettable! I had never experienced so many hours of lectures go by so smoothly. The closing of the festival with Brian May’s solo of Hans Zimmer’s Time made me sit still for the longest time in my life. I think I even stopped breathing.”)